Please note that we hand paint

all the pieces that are pictured in our site.

You can customize any piece featured on our site.  If you purchase a piece and we have the exact one pictured, you will get THAT piece.  However, there may be a slight variation because they are all hand painted.


Why do we

Love Moissanite?

It is the second hardest stone to a diamond.  It has more bling than a diamond.  The cost is 1/3 of what a diamond costs!


Upside down umbrella

makes an amazing gift

UV Protection
Fiberglass frame (ribs)
Double Layer with Ventilation



We added our very own cafe! We serve our own line of coffee, tea, ciders, jams, jellies, soups and more!
We are also getting major recognition for our unique spin on hot dogs, ice cream and more!
We have been voted the most unique shop in East Tennessee


This is just SOME of the options we carry in our shop.  We have things that can only be purchased locally (cafe) and then all other products can be shipped anywhere in the USA!


Because we love being creative

We have been adding items to our "storefront" for years!

We traveled doing trade shows for 12 years. We were always asked if we had a shop and we always said no. We had so many cool things we did and it depended on what show we went to, as to what we would show off and sell. Fast forward after Covid and we realized that we weren't getting any younger. So, we decided to finally open a shop.

We have a large variety of items in our gift shop! We customize anything in wood, t-shirts, baby clothes, back packs, dog items, and so much more. We have the ability to precisely cut wood, hand-paint it, print on wood, apparel and well as embroidery everything from shirts to jackets to golf bags to hats (and so much more!) We have everyday items that make amazing gifts too! Many things in our shop are unique and people from all over the US generally find at least a handful of things they have never seen before! The locals call us the "cracker Barrel" of small towns and many locals call us the house of flavors (we have over 100!). We have a dream to serve our community, people who visit our area and to make everyone feel like "home" when they come to visit.

You literally can come there every day for 2 years and NEVER drink the same coffee, shake or drink (if you want to!). We never want to compromise on quality, but we wanted to make sure our prices were affordable too!

We think we have accomplished what we set out to do and now we get to be creative in so many ways! We have a full coffee bar, with over 100 flavors. We have a full cafe with so many unique options, you may struggle to pick just one! We have wood art like you have never seen (all hand painted and one-of-a-kind). We have the ability to print ANYTHING on a tee shirt, baby cloths, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, wood, and so much more. Did I also mention we can embroider on many of those same items, and a lot more too? There really is very little that we can't cover in our shop! If you come here and struggle to find a gift for someone, talk to us and let us create something unique for you!